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Phillip & Margaret

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Our Story

We met in calculus freshman year at St. Olaf College. We worked on many math problems together, and often had lunch in the café after class. We’ve pretty much been together ever since, and have shared many adventures and milestones together, both big and small. We’ve traveled together through Europe, visited national parks, and spent a couple of years visiting each other in Washington, D.C. and Chicago while living apart after college. Our most recent adventure has been encouraging each other through grad school. Margaret received her Masters in Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and Phillip is finishing his law degree at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We’ve enjoyed spending the past couple of years together in Madison, where we are closer to our families, but are also looking forward to our move back to Washington, D.C. at the end of May after Phillip graduates. 


We got engaged in Door County in mid-September 2023 on a walk in the woods, and celebrated with beer and pizza! We’ll have a small wedding in Washington, D.C. in August after Phillip takes the bar exam. One of our best friends from St Olaf will officiate. After a weekend celebrating, we’ll spend our honeymoon in Singapore and Indonesia. When we return, Phillip will begin work at his new job as a law clerk for the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals and Margaret will continue working in government consulting and analytics. We’re excited for newly-wed life! 


Looking forward to celebrating with you all in Appleton! 

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Photos of Us

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Our Registry

We are overflowing with excitement to share this special moment with you! Thank you for being a part of our celebration!

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